To offer the most affordable intuitive school platform.

Because every teacher & student deserves all the focus, support and opportunities which technology can bring.


We use a minimal setup to keep the platform very affordable, because it are the students at the poorest schools that can benefit most from our innovations.

Yet we work hard to cover the administration of the school end to end, so a maximum of data is available and overhead is reduced.

The aim of all this data is to empower teachers, so they can tailor their efforts to the student’s individual progress.


The Kubo approach

Kubo is an open school platform for student education and school administration, it runs on a small server that is fitted in a small box.

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Energy independent

Kubo is focused on energy independence. Therefore we foresee an integrated solar panel system in combination with a battery to assure operations during power outages.

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Internet independent

Kubo runs locally, so the platform is not dependent on a stable internet connection. It also provides wifi, so every device that wants to connect to the platform just needs to connect with the Kubo wifi.

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End-to-end service

We believe offering an end-to-end service is the way to go. This way we can take full responsibility managing the schools' critical data.

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